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What's it all about?

I'm Victoria Illustrator & Graphic Designer,

creating original visuals for small businesses,

through Scalable Vector Graphics.

I can help communicate a cohesive brand message with creative and engaging designs, ensuring consistency across a variety of media platforms.

With more small businesses moving online and the fact that over half the population are visual learners the need to stand out visually is more important than ever and I can work with your business to do just that! 

Want to add a face to your business too?
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Character Mascot

 I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil and want to use my skill set as a digital illustrator to turn your words into clear pictures...

including character mascots, logo design & social media graphics.

what I can design for
your business!


what I can draw for you!

What can I create for you?

vic 3.png
vic 4.png
vic 2.png

Digital Illustration
create original cohesive visuals, to interpret your Brand message.

Character Creation
create an emotional connection through a creative approach.

Graphic Design
communicate consistent imagery within a visually appealing Brand.

Infographics for

What have I designed for others?

Mascot for

Illustrated Logo for

Social Media Templates for

Branding Bundle for

Contact Me For

Consistent Brand!

Cohesive Brand!

Creative Brand.

Illustration requests for personal use welcome too!

Victoria Rodgers,

Based in Lancashire, U.K 

Thanks for submitting!

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