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So you have a new business to build or are looking at a fresh look for your established empire! 

You know you need a logo as it's one of the key elements to create a lasting impression, especially as it will be one of the first visuals your audience will see.

But it's vital to communicate consistent imagery across you entire Brand's Visual Identity, that will trigger an instant recognition no matter what platform or in what medium your audience finds you! 







 If you feel a logo is still all you need, as a digital illustrator I will...                                                                  

                                craft the initial logo concept

                                                                                        draw up a rough concept                                                                                                                    communicate & update design progress

                                                                                 create your logo using advised scalable vector graphics

                                               complete any required amendments

                                                                 provide the correct digital files for online & print

                                                          be available for aftercare with tips & advice

                                                                                  offer the opportunity to update or add to original designs

I offer 3 types of logo design, each option includes 3 different logo layouts in different black, white and full colour ways plus individual design elements, and brand guide.

Word Mark Logo - your business name as a typography (text) based design £115

Character Logo - featuring a Customised Character along with your business name £185

Illustrated logo - featuring a pictorial image ie a symbol/icon/ other illustration etc £265


You can leave with your stylish "hat" on or invest in a full "wardrobe" of essential go to Brand Visuals

for just the right occasion. As well as a logo design I will craft a Brand Bundle with the following pieces...

                                                                 a co-ordinating colour pallet tailored to your Brand Message

                                a collection of complimentary Brand fonts

                                                                           *add an Illustrated Brand Ambassador as the face of your business

                              customised icons to use online or in print

                                                           set of social media graphics ie banners & post templates

                                                           Branded patterns to use as backgrounds online or in print

                                               any additional illustrated imagery for your website 

                                                           designs for printed material ie leaflets, stickers, packaging

                              Word Mark with BRAND Bundle -  £165

                                       Character Logo with BRAND Bundle - £285

                                      Illustrated Logo with BRAND Bundle - £365












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