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Add a face to your business & personality to your brand...literally!

If you can create an emotional connection with your audience, they are more likely to relate to your brand.

Adding an illustrated character to your business identity is one method of doing this, Think of it as a "Brand Ambassador" to establish a rapport and communicate with your audience on a more personal level. 

Using this kind of creative approach will also give you the advantage to engage visually via social media plus versatility on printed material.

Meet the many faces I 've made!

All illustrative work is hand drawn/ digitally created using quality scalable vector graphic software.

Files available include svg, png, pdf, jpeg, eps

character design for small business

Character Creation from £85

-includes a full body, top half and head shot,

Character Makeover from £17.50


Upgrade your design to a...

Character Logo from £185

- featuring a Customised Character with wordmark logo (business name) 

Character with BRAND Bundle - £285

Ensuring all your bits & bobs match up I offer a Branding Bundle that includes :

Initial logo design, social media banners, digital stationery designs, editable Canva templates, extra icons/ graphics, patterns/ backgrounds etc













Character Creation also available for other illustration projects ie story books, colouring pages, personal projects

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