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When 4 become 1

Getting branding right for one business is hard enough but when you have a

business that offers a selection of different services, or as an entrepreneur you are trying to reach different audiences it is even trickier to create a design that encapsulates it all, cohesively.

One way you can do this is to create what I call an "umbrella" logo with sub logos that feature different icons/ illustrations, colour choices or typefaces to differentiate one from the other while also linking back to the primary business.

I was recently commissioned to create such a design for a local community centre. The Hollinshead Centre which had several different logos to signify their services, even though they were happy with some elements they were all a bit miss matched. I took certain parts from each logo and used the main services as inspiration to create a more collective brand, where each sub logo could stand alone but also be linked back to the centre... which of course is the heart of the project.

Branding - friendly, warm, welcoming to all cultures and vulnerabilities. approachable, trustworthy, simple to read, visually effective and cohesive,

Primary logo - keeping the friendly yellow centre sandwiched in the middle/ heart of coloured borders/ the service offered within the centre using colour as separate representation.

Sub Logos - creating simple hand drawn illustrations that will visually signify each service ie cooking pot for the open kitchen, cup and sun for the coffee morning etc, again using colour to separate and the arrow to form action the lid lifts, the sun rises, people move to meet, the cogs turn and all point back to the centre

Social Media Posts - with each service now having a dedicated icon and colour they can be used in association with the correct event on posts and announcements, with the audience gaining familiarity with the pattern/ formation.

Website - The Hollinshead Centre is now categorised in more collective way following their brand guide

If you are looking for new branding just get in touch, I'd be happy to help.


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