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Sunday is looking sketchy

Hello! The kids are back to school soon so I can get back into a routine and get my concentration back!

I’m not going to lie business has been very quiet lately (I know I’m not the only one in FB land) but means I can use this to my advantage and events this week has shown how time is only really borrowed so I need to take more of that time for myself and do something for me! I use to sit in my room and just draw with a proper pencil and paper when I was younger and I’d like to get back to that, it’s what relaxes me so I’m thinking of doing a weekly sketch and thought you guys could help me by giving me a subject/ object! If I post for suggestions on a Sunday and dedicate some time during the week then I can post the result (how ever far I’ve got) on the following Sunday …what do you think ?? #drawing #sketching #art #artist #hobbie #dowhatyoulove #weeklychallenge #artchallenge#drawingchallenge

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